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$24.95 [23.5” x 18”]  | $19.95 [18.5” x 14.2"]

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Get to know more about Pet Mats!

I want to add a personal photo to my Pet Mat. How big does it need to be?
To assure your Pet Mat is a good looking product, make sure your image is at least 100 dpi when placed at full size on the pet mat. If you scale an image larger it may become pixelated. A warning will appear if you scale your image beyond our printing specs.
How close to the edge can I place my artwork?
When we print, shifting may occur up to an 1/8 inch. For any image or text you do not want to potentially be cut off, leave 1/4 inch border on the edge.
Will Customize A Pet Mat ship outside of the United States? Does it cost extra to have my Pet Mat shipped internationally?
Yes, Customize A Pet Mat will ship anywhere around the world. Contact us at to get information about your specific location!
What size will my custom pet mat be?
23.5" x 18" or 18.5" x 14.2"
How much do the pet mats cost?
Each pet mat's price depends on the selected size:
  • Styrene (Flexible Plastic) - 23.5" x 18" is $24.95
  • Styrene (Flexible Plastic) - 18.5" x 14.2" is $19.50
How long will it take for my pet mat to arrive?
Pet Mats can take up to 5 business days to be ready to ship. Delivery time depends upon delivery method choosen at checkout. Pet mats could take up to 3 weeks for international delivery.
Can I track my order?
Yes! We ship all of our pet mats through FEDEX. If you would like your tracking code, feel free to email us at
What kind of ink do you use?
We use high quality environmentally friendly UV ink that lasts. Use your pet mat indoors to give it a longer life.

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